NE300-XP Elektrospinning Makinası

     The NE300 Laboratory scale electrospinning unit is a budget friendly model that can yield large areas of uniform nanofiber coatings. It has a 9-nozzle feeding unit along with basic cylindrical and plate collectors that allow for a wide range of membrane geometries to be produced from polymers such as PU, Nylon, PAN, PVA i.e. By Programmable touch panel control it can be easily re-call the previous recipes and produce new samples within all same parameters thus will provide easy to compare results and creates logical steps for product development. This flexible, programmable, recipe re-call enabled system has long-term electrospinning capability and is supported by a number of customized accessories.
  • Touch Screen Control for all parameters with recipe save option
  • Precisely controllable parameters with PLC module
  • Bottom-Up  spinning
  • Up to 9 Nozzles for High-throughput electrospinning
  • 314mm*220mm nanofiber coating area
  • Electrically insulated cabinet with high density PE parts inert to chemical solutions
  • Automatic control of voltage, flow rate and collector motion (z-axis, x-axis and rotation)
  • Extra safety options such as safe-door and warning light to avoid from high voltage

Optional accessories:

Camera Integrated ChamberIt is possible to integrate a camera inside the chamber to visualise the process.

Temperature Controlled Chamber Heating of spinning area up to 40°C.
Humidity Controlled Chamber Ambient humidity adjustment between 25% and room condition.
Bicomponent System Special Designed Coaxial Nozzle (Inner Diameter: 0,8 mm, Outer Diameter: 1,6 mm) and an extra syringe pump to obtain core-shell, hollow and bicomponent nanofibers.