Ne300 Electrospinning Machine


       NE300  Laboratory scale electrospinning unit which provides the possibility to produce larger area uniform nanofiber coating, is suitable for advanced academic researches with lower budget. It has too many changeable parameters. Some of them can be changed automatically and the others, manually. There is 1 to 9 nozzles feeding unit , cylindrical and plate collectors. Because of that, not only large scale but also small membrane area can be obtained with lower solution consumption. Ability to work with PU, PA6, PAN and PVA polymers. For advanced research using medium size coating areas coupled with a high throughput and excellent electrospinning process control.

  • Bottom-Up  spinning
  • Up to 9 Nozzles for High-throughput electrospinning
  • 314mm*220mm coating area
  • Electrically insulated cabinet with high density PE parts inert to chemical solutions
  • Automatic control of voltage, flow rate and collector motion (z-axis, x-axis and rotation)
  • Extra safety options such as safe-door and warning light to avoid from high voltage
  TechnIcal InformatIon