NanoYarn Spinner



         “Basic System” which is designed for low-cost, beginner-level laboratory researches, achieves standart results in single needle studies by combaning the fundamental components of electrospinning in a compact solution. The latency is significanly reduced with advances of numerous changeable parameters, e.g., changeable spinning distance, sensitive voltaj and controllable flow rate. Furthermore, “Basic System” enables the spinning operation to be carried out from left-to-right, and up and down manner.

Optional accessories:

Technical Information

Temperature Controlled Chamber Heating of spinning area up to 40°C.
Humidity Controlled Chamber Ambient humidity adjustment between 25% and room condition.
Camera Integrated Chamber It is possible to integrate a camera inside the chamber to visualise the process.
Bicomponent System Special Designed Coaxial Nozzle (Inner Diameter: 0,8 mm, Outer Diameter: 1,6 mm) and an extra syringe pump to obtain core-shell, hollow and bicomponent nanofibers.