Nanospinner24-XP Electrospinning Machine


               Nanospinner 24-XP electrospinning machine was designed to develop sample nanofiber membranes used in primarily textile and air filtration, but also in chemistry, medical, medicine, construction and agriculture industries. Universities and R&D departments of companies studying on nanofibers and electrospinning process can easily maintain their researchs for 24 hours with a stable electrospinning process by means of Nanospinner24-XP. Also all parameters are changeable automatically while working. It provides flexible researching ability. Moreover, there are different models for several areas and products. Multi-nozzle feeding allowing for high production rates of electrospun nanofiber membranes and high surface area coatings

Unique properties Benefits
Standalone unit No need extra equipments to start production. Plug&Play time standalone or bench top units.
Bottom-up spinning Prevents solvent dropping on sample media during the process In case any dropping of solvent will cause defects on nanofiber web surface.
Programmable touch screen control panel Easy to use, feedback info, precise control
Up to 12 concurrently feeding multi nozzles High throughput nanofiber production for higher production capacity in less time.
Single nozzle electrospinning option Easy to replace and shift to single nozzle spinning for the demo polymer solutions.
376mm by 280mm coating area Almost A3 size wide area nanofiber samples even can be used for some of commercial nanofiber applications.
High speed rotating drum up to 2000RPM Provides obtaining parallelized nanofiber webs in different morphologies.
Adjustable horizontal movement between 30-80mm and 5-50mm/sec Precise adjustment of homogeneity for producing highly uniform nanofiber membrane samples in thickness.
Automatic adjustable spinning distance between 30-230mm. Nozzle to collector. During the polymer solution optimization precisely adjusting the one of the most critical parameters as distance provides thinnest nanofibers.
Recipe saving and loading option Easily recall of previous work parameters automatically. No need to adjust all parameters one by one manually.
Extra safety options Safe-door lock and warning lights to prevent any electrical discharges or injuries.
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