We entered the electrospinning field with a small team of engineers.

2007 – Our first lab-scale electrospinning machine was built.

2008 – Our first industrial-scale prototype machine was manufactured.

2009 – Our first pilot-scale electrospinning machine was launched in filtration and performance textiles.

2010 – Inovenso Co. was founded in ITU Technology Development Center in Istanbul, TURKEY.

2011 – First Industrial Scale electrospinning machine Nanospinner416 was sold and installed to Membrane Research Center in Istanbul.

2012 – Inovenso Co. started to play an important role in international electrospinning market.

2014 – We diversified our activities and developed our series of Syringe Pumps.

2016 – Our Syringe Pump and Spin Coater series were completed.