Inovenso USA – Boston office


Opportunity to work flexible with compact devices!

Manufacturing of standard devices is carried out for use in laboratory-scale nanofiber research and product development. We provide high precision, easy to use and safe electrospinning equipments for nanofiber based research and products. Our designs consider the needs, expectations and future visions of our clients and we believe in proactively placing ourselves at the center of the strong, efficient and sustainable interactions that must exist between researchers, manufacturers and users.

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Proudly launched by Inovenso

We believe that every laboratory working in the field of nanotechnology needs an SEM, therefore we would like to introduce to you our IEM series of SEM. In short space of time, our device that is the size of an old computer will prove its eectiveness, and will help you achieve a significant step in your research. The advantage of the images obtained by SEM lies in the high magnification factor: you will be able to magnify an image by up to 150,000 times which will enable you to conduct analyses up to a nanoscale using different detectors such as BSE, SE and EDS
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PilotLine Electrospinning Machine

Time to scale up!

It is no longer a lab equipment. Any polymer solution can be electrospun7/24 hour. Working width may be adjusted up to 500 mm,  production capacity may be selected from 1-50 g/min with single pass. With multi pass possibility there is no limit to fabric weight. Robust mechanical design, fully enclosed and if required condition production cabinet, user friendly touch screen control panel and automation system makes the Inovenso Pilot ES Machine a perfect tool for product development
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Continuous Feed Nanofiber Membrane Coating!

Industrial nanofiber membrane production line by electrospinning method has led to the formation of a new industry with high production capacity and product quality. Industrial Scale Nanofiber Membrane Production Unit The Nanospinner416 is the ongoing industrial project which waits today’s electrospinning projects as tomorrow’s nanofiber products

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